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VV Estate Sales LLC – Liquidation Services

Specializing in Personal Property Liquidation:

·       estate sale,

·       senior downsizing,

·       business liquidation,

·       estate auction,

·       property liquidation,

·       antique and collectible auctions.

We offer a professional option to the traditional estate sale or auction process. From start to finish we will customize the liquidation process to your specific needs.

Regardless of the situation, relocation/downsizing can be stressful and overwhelming. VV Estate Sales offers streamlined support to take the stress off your plate and facilitate a stress-free transition, taking care of all sides of your relocation. That’s why we are proud to offer our additional services with discount:

·       Clean out and cleaning services

·       Contractor services – a professional team specializing in preparing properties for sale

·       Real Estate services

Let us take care of all your needs!

Our Fees are based on a percentage of the total sales and the number of services you use with us.


What makes us different?

Extensive experience in retail sales from auctions!

Being a reseller for a long time helped me develop the skill to estimate the value of your belongings very precisely. Nothing that values will be set aside and I’ll try to make the maximum out of the value of each thing you have! I know that in most cases the cost of the things means more than money to you … So, I’ll treat your property with respect and love like it’s mine as I know what these things mean to you!

Being a customer of other auctioneers in the area allowed me to learn their ways of doing business and learn from their mistakes, but also adopt good practices which I’ll apply to ensure your best interests!


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We speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and German

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